22 May 2014, 10am - 5pm

      Masterclass 'Framing the Performance'

      Babette Mangolte and Fleur van Muiswinkel
      Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam
    2. As part of A Point in the Making - Three Days with Babette Mangolte, Babette Mangolte contributes to a masterclass for a group of professionals and students from different disciplines including fine arts, dance, film, and art history. Mangolte's latest film Staging Lateral Pass (2013) is a registration of a choreography by the Trisha Brown Dance Company and is the departure point for conversation. The masterclass is an initiative of curator Fleur Muiswinkel.

      Staging Lateral Pass
      was shot during the two-week rehearsal period of the Trisha Brown Company for the 1985 premiere of Lateral Pass at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Mangolte did not make a final edit of the material until 2013.

      On the basis of this film and other materials Mangolte will talk about her work and her collaborations with choreographers, theatre makers, artists and filmmakers over the past forty years. The notion of 'framing' is a guiding principle for the day, starting from questions of framing performance in film and photography, and how those media capture movement in space and time, and extends to ideas of framing in the context of an exhibition.

      The masterclass is at invitation only. For more information, write to Fleur van Muiswinkel at fleurvanmuiswinkel@gmail.com.

      A Point in the Making - Three Days with Babette Mangolte
      is produced and curated by Fleur van Muiswinkel, If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution and Het Veem Theater, in a collaboration with EYE Film Institute. The project is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Fonds Podiumkunsten (FPK). It is part of the Life Long Burning (LLB) project and supported by the Cultural Programme of the European Union.
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      I Don't Want to Be Part of
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