1. workshop
      1 January 2010 – 31 December 2011

      Research project: Affect/Production

      Phil Collins and Master students Dutch Art Institute
      Dutch Art Institute, Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ MFA Kortestraat 27 6811 EP Arnhem The Netherlands Contact: +31(0)263530916 "(classname)+www.dutchartinstitute.nl+(visit website DAI)":http://www.dutchartinstitute.nl/
    2. In the academic year 2010 – 2011 If I Can’t Dance coordinates a research project at the Dutch Art Institute/MFA Artez for the third consecutive year. The project is part of If I Can’t Dance’s discursive programme of research activities. Through collaborations with educational institutes in the Netherlands, If I Can’t Dance aims to create conditions for a shared exchange of knowledge to take place.

      For the project Affect/Production tutor Phil Collins meets with the DAI students on a monthly basis in Arnhem. Students explore performative exercises through a series of workshops taught by guest visitors invited by Phil Collins and If I Can’t Dance. Guests so far have been Simon Will from Gob Squad; Sanja Mitrovic; Jane Zingale and Marie de Brugerolle; Isidoro Valcárcel Medina and the Basque collective Bulegoa z/b (Miren Jaio, Isabel de Naverán, Leire Vergara). The monthly sessions are framed theoretically by the field of research of affect, the departure point of If I Can’t Dance’s current collaborative investigation. In addition, students attend the activities of If I Can’t Dance in Amsterdam. In Spring 2011, Affect/Production travels to Bilbao, Spain, to work together on a group project and to become familiar with the local cultural scene. 

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