1. performance
      26 October 2008

      If I Can't Dance Tonight with Olivier Foulon

      Olivier Foulon & Frederique Bergholtz
      Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
    2. The fourth If I Can’t Dance Tonight featured Olivier Foulon. Foulon presented a lecture starting from his new work The Soliloquy of the Broom, presented at de Appel till the 9th of November. After this presentation, If I Can’t Dance curator Frederique Bergholtz and Olivier Foulon talked more extensively about the work.

      The afternoon was concluded with a contribution by Anne de Vries and J.J. Evangalista who introduced us into the world of Swing.

    3. J.J. Evangelista hosts a Swing Dance Hall Masquerade where you are invited for a short introduction on some basic steps of Lindy-Hop and Jitterbug Dance, and swing the night away as a Ginger Rogers, a Fred Astaire, a Mae West and maybe even a James Brown. Dance fellow conspirator: the fabulous Orly Nurany. Dance hall orchestra: the infamous Anne de Vries

      In the way of Fernando Pessoa, the Portuguese poet from 1910’s, J.J. Evangelista created throughout his life different heteronyms – characters for his different acts. He started off as Zoah Krieger drawing illustrations. Later he became J.C. Costa, the computer scientist, studying at University of Lisbon. In a cross border manoeuvre to theatre performing and stage building, he became Joao Guerreiro, the performance artist working for Bomba Suicida. Thereafter he moved to Holland where he majored at School for New Dance Development and became J.J. Evangelista, the choreographer/ director.

      Anne de Vries (1977) is visual artist and DJ. He graduated from the Rietveld Academie in 2002. De Vries focuses on staged photography. He was commissioned by Foam, museum for contemporary photography, and the Nederlands Filmmuseum. He was guest curator for the Arnhem Mode Biënnale edition 2007.

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