1. symposium
      7 December 2006

      Curating and Feminism Today

      Stedelijk Museum CS / Club 11, Amsterdam
    2. This symposium aims to shed light on the question why a large group of curators has currently developed an interest in the legacies of feminism. The guest speakers have been invited to present current projects and to share their thoughts and knowledge on feminist strategies in curating. With (a.o.): Mirjam Westen, Heike Munder and Bettina Steinbruegge.

    3. Curating and Feminism Today included contributions from Frédérique Bergholtz (If I Can’t Dance), Ann Demeester (de Appel arts centre), Katja Kobolt & Dunja Kukovec (City of Women), Heike Munder (Migros Museum), Bettina Steibrügge (Kunsthalle Luneberg) and Mirjam van Westen (Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem).

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution