1. performance
      16 February 2010

      If I Can’t Dance Tonight with Luca Frei

      Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
    2. If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution is pleased to announce 1012 KD: a newly commissioned performative installation by Luca Frei. The installation is composed of several partition walls, hanging from the ceiling and made out of coloured transparent and opaque plastic sheets, some of which are rotating on place. The installation is ephemeral in its set up and the materials, including spotlight and sound, are light and transportable, prompted by the context of the theatre. Alluding to both the histories of installation and the kinetic, Frei has created a situation that is awaiting for the audience to navigate through, inviting them for a journey crossing the conventional orientations within theatre space.

    3. Within the context of Frei’s practice, 1012 KD brings together formal and conceptual elements of previous works such as his recent exhibition design for Textiles: Art and the Social Fabric, realised in 2009 for M HKA. It can be linked as well to Frei’s English interpretation of the book La Soi-disant Utopie du Centre Beaubourg written in 1976 by the Swiss sociologist Albert Meister: a science-fiction scenario about a subterranean space for alternative cultural activities more than 70 floors below the foundations of the then newly opened Pompidou Centre in Paris.

      Luca Frei (1976, Lugano Switzerland) lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. He presented solo exhibitions in a.o. Marabouparken Annex in Sweden (2005), Studio Dabbeni in Lugano (2008) and the Swiss Cultural Institute in Milano (2009). His work was shown in a.o. the 9th Istanbul Biennial (2005), Cities from Below in Fondazione Teseco Per l’Arte in Pisa (2007), and Textiles, Art and the Social Fabric in M HKA in Antwerp (2009). An upcoming solo show will take place at Barlice Hertling Gallery in Paris (2010). Apart from presenting installations, Luca Frei has conducted readings from his The So-Called Utopia of the Centre Beaubourg: an interpretation’ in a.o. Kadist Art Foundation in Paris (2008) and in Lisson Gallery in London and Casco in Utrecht (2009).

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      1. '1012 KD' by Luca Frei.
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