1. workshop
      13 – 14 November 2010

      Research project: Affect

      Marie de Brugerolle, Jane Zingale, and Master students Dutch Art Institute
      De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam
    2. Marie de Brugerolle and Jane Zingale are teaching a workshop as part of their research for If I Can’t Dance’s new Performance in Residence programme. Marie de Brugerolle is a leading expert on Guy de Cointet and the first cultural practitioner invited by If I Can’t Dance to research a case study for Performance in Residence.

    3. During a period of six months, de Brugerolle will examine Guy de Cointet’s play Five Sisters (1983) – the last performance to be staged during his lifetime. Her research will result in a restaging of Five Sisters, expected in June 2011. Jane Zingale is advisor to the Performance in Residence case study Five Sisters. She is one of the original actresses from Guy de Cointet’s plays and starred a.o. in Iglu, Tell Me and Five Sisters. The workshop is a first exploration of theoretical and practical concerns raised by making a restaging of the play.

      This workshop is for students that are participating in the research project If I Can’t Dance coordinates at the Dutch Art Institute in 2010-2011.

      1. Research project: Affect, 13 – 14 November 2010, De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam. Photography: Marcel van den Berg
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