1. performance
      12 August 2005

      Invasion of the Radio Listeners

      Radio group LIGNA
      Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch
    2. LIGNA explains: "The inner city of Den Bosch is a fortress to defend normality. It’s inhabitants are eager to keep out everything, that might stir up the picture of a nice late medieval city: noise, traffic and modern architecture. They are successful: even the poorer inhabitants of the quarters around the inner city don’t visit very often. Constantly the inhabitants of Den Bosch repeat the big trauma of their history: the fight against the invasion of the Other, the protestant troupes, in 1629 – the end of the great time of the city. But nowadays it’s not only the visible strangers, that threaten everyday life.

      Indeed, the menace is much more uncanny; it is invisible: you cannot smell it, you cannot see it, you can’t even hear it, if you are not equipped with special devices. It is radio. No fortress wall can stop radio waves from dispersing everywhere. Radio listeners look like everybody else – but they are different: with their antenna they are connected to the uncanny publicity of the ether. They are part of a constellation of listeners, that does not appear, until it shows effects: certain gestures, that are not normal, a behavior, that is slightly different from the rest. Radio opens space for difference and questions the rules, that constitute every day life normality. LIGNA invites everybody, to participate in an exploration of this strange space, that the radio waves will open in the heart of Den Bosch".

      1. Ligna, 'Invasion of the Radio Listeners, Theater Festival Boulevard, Den Bosch, 12 August, 2005.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution