1. Episode 3
      20 – 27 November 2005

      Edition I – Theatricality

      De VeenFabriek, Leiden
    2. The last episode of If I Can’t Dance’s edition I – Theatricality takes place at de VeenFabriek from 20 – 27 November 2005. Artists Johanna Billing, Matti Braun, Gerard Byrne, Mariana Castillo Deball, Yael Davids and LIGNA present projects that have travelled from Festival a/d Werf in Utrecht, to Theaterfestival Boulevard in Den Bosch, and finally to de VeenFabriek.

    3. Hannah Darboven once described her artwork as “contemplation interrupted by action”. This seems a perfect way of describing what has evolved in our year long visual arts programme If I Cant Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. A key element we have sought to focus on is the idea of continuous exploration. By producing projects intensively throughout the year with the invited artists and publicly staging that development at different times in Utrecht, ‘s- Hertogenbosch and Leiden we intend to provide moments which interrupt continuous contemplation through action. This idea is of fundamental importance because what it implies is that artists' practice is a site of ongoing research. And given the structure of our programming, it suggests that we as curators can lead into an area of inquiry though and by the work.

      1. Gerard Byrne, '1984 and Beyond', VeenFabriek, Leiden, 20 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg.
      2. Johanna Billing, 'You Don't Love Me Yet', de VeenFabriek, Leiden, 27 November, 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg.
      3. Ligna, 'De Oorspronkelijke Verstrooiing', De Veenfabriek, Leiden, 20 and 27 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg
      4. Mariana Castillo Deball, 'Today:November 20', De VeenFabriek, Leiden, 20 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg
      5. Matti Braun, 'The Alien', de VeenFabriek, Leiden, 20 & 21 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg.
      6. Yael Davids, 'End on Mouth, De VeenFabriek, Leiden, 27 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution