1. performance
      27 November 2005

      You Don't Love Me Yet - Leiden

      De VeenFabriek, Leiden
    2. On the last day of If I Can’t Dance’s episode 3 of its edition on Theatricality in the Veenfabriek in Leiden,  the You Don’t Love Me Yet-project has its final presentation. With more than twenty participating bands, it will be a ‘grand finale’.

      In collaboration with If I Can't Dance, Johanna Billing previously presented a wide variety of bands, individuals, both musicians and artists, that performed the song in Utrecht and Den Bosch, before coming to Leiden. The goal of Billing’s project is not so much to organize the perfect pop concert; rather she is searching for the right atmosphere and scenario for this ambiguous ‘repetition-performance’ - with the potential to become a mix between an intimate gig, a pleasant experience, a concentrated listening situation, a personal and individual performance for each participant. Throughout the tour the project playfully creates its own transitory community through the repetition of the same poignant song that Billing chose for bringing us all together.

      The You Don’t Love Me Yet-concert in Leiden closes with the presentation of Billing’s own interpretation of the song: a video piece in a music studio played and sang by diverse Swedish musicians whom came together for the occasion.

      1. Johanna Billing, 'You Don't Love Me Yet', de VeenFabriek, Leiden, 27 November, 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution