1. performance
      13 August 2005

      Script reading of 1984 and Beyond

      Theaterfestival Boulevard, Den Bosch
    2. Byrne’s second project for If I Can’t Dance’s first edition is developed in two stages as a live reading at the Theaterfestival Boulevard, in preparation of the production of a film with the title 1984 and Beyond. The piece is an enactment of a text from Playboy Magazine in which twelve science fiction writers were invited to talk about their vision of the future.

      In ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Byrne develops a live reading in which the fully costumed actors enact the script. In the background Byrne projects a series of black and white slides, recently shot in the United States, which can been seen as archetypical American scenes and which connote a time from the late fifties or early sixties, similar to when this conversation actually took place.

      1. Gerard Byrne, 'Script reading of 1884 and Beyond', Den Bosch, 13 August 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg.
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