1. performance
      20 November 2005

      Today: November 20

      De VeenFabriek, Leiden
    2. Deball came to Leiden with a two-part project called To-Day: November 20. This took the form of a performance installation and a newspaper. In the performance, Deball presented a series of images, projected on a curved ramp structure. On the opposite side of the room where a second curved ramp was placed, two readers were seated next to each other and recounted information in relation to this date and data systems and at times commented on them in a more personal way. The audience’s need to flip back and forth between the two sources of information, connoted the back and forth movement of a skateboarder on such a ramp. In her performance Deball investigated the notion of the present, unfolding as a mixture of different temporalities.

    3. Events, objects and spaces from multiple times coexist in what we call actuality. “What is the present?” she asked herself. How do all these temporalities collide in one single moment and constitute an individual?” Constantly interested in the random assimilation of information Deball speculated on how history is formed and how a different correlation of information might be equally valid. She published in the newspaper a series of selected articles which debunked the temporary logic of a newspaper by tracking a vertical rather than linear history, all centered around this date on which the performance in Leiden took place: 20 November.

      1. Mariana Castillo Deball, 'Today:November 20', De VeenFabriek, Leiden, 20 November 2005. Photography: Sal Kroonenberg
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