1. reading group
      22 March 2012

      Reading Group in Sheffield Affect #3

      Affect and Memory
      Site Gallery, Sheffield
    2. Affect and Memory: the possibility and problematic of prosthetic memory

      Continuing the exploration of the affective fragment or ‘refrain’, the next reading group session at Site Gallery addresses the relationship between affect and memory. Alison Landsberg’s writing on Prosthetic Memory is taken as a starting point for exploring the empathetic potential of affective memory whilst questioning what is at stake once the ‘affective refrain’ or ‘memory’ is detached or dislocated from its originary context, once it is open to commodification and exchange.
      Suggested reading:
      - to be skimmed, glimpsed, looked at, or read ….
      Alison Landsberg, Memory, Empathy, and the Politics of Identification,International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 22.2 (June 2009).
      Alison Landsberg, Prosthetic Memory, The Transformation of American Remembrance in the Age of Mass Culture, (Columbia University Press, 2004), Chapter, Prosthetic Memory, pp. 25 – 48.

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