1. workshop
      22 February 2013

      Occupation Evacuation Transmission #4

      Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ MFA, Arnhem
    2. For the February session of Occupation Evacuation Transmission, Emma Hedditch continues some of the strands explored in last month’s meeting in relation to appropriation and permission, how we can talk about someone’s practice and how we relate to objects and what that tells us about our relations in general. In the intervening month, students have worked on sharing a methodology between one another and making a work, which will be presented in this session and likely destroyed.

      The group is recommended to visit the performance of Jimmy Roberts at Performatik Festival in the weekend of 22 – 24 February.

      Occupation Evacuation Transmission is a project conceived by Ian White in collaboration with Emma Hedditch and Jimmy Robert, and curated by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution. Coordinated by Tanja Baudoin.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution