1. nomination
      1 July 2013

      AICA Award Nomination

      AICA members can vote until 1 July
    2. We are honored to report that If I Can’t Dance has been nominated for the AICA Award 2013. According to the jury report, “If I Can’t Dance’s characteristic methodology can be defined by care and commitment, that manifests not only in its choice of artists and theorists, but also in the development of dialogues over longer periods of time. If I Can’t Dance has a local presence and international fame, and in the Dutch context is a uniquely experimental and provocative organization.”

      We are pleased to share our nomination with Casco, de Hallen Haarlem and the Rijksakademie. AICA members can vote until 1 July. We greatly appreciate your support.

      We wholeheartedly subscribe to AICA's acknowledgement of the importance of institutions such as ours, and agree with the jury's plea to consider the cohesive character of contemporary art production -presentation and -reflection: "It is obvious to us that within our society, art has the biggest impact when coupled with a strong platform. Institutions are not shelters for art – keeping it safe and secluded – but rather robust nodes in the social fabric wherein art becomes public." And also: "The general point we want to communicate is that excellent institutions are not soley responsible for the social climate. Only in an art environment in which the many different forms of expertise that are required to enable art to flourish and develop can institutions with courage and vision make unique contributions. We hope that the coming period will not be limited to purely good or bad art, or incidents within institutions, but that it will also focus on the overall picture in which production and mediation jointly contribute to a rich cultural life enabling the discussion of art in what is still a rich country."

      Read the full report of the jury here (NL) or in English translation on Casco's website.

      The AICA Award is annually bestowed upon an institution, exhibition or publication by members of AICA, the International Association of Art Critics in the Netherlands.

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