2 and 3 May 2018

      To Become Two

      Centre Pompidou, Paris
      1. Alex Martinis Roe, It was an unusual way of doing politics, there were friendships, loves, gossip, tears, flowers..., Super 8 transferred to digital video still, 2014. Courtesy the artist.
      2. Alex Martinis Roe, Our Future Network: Historiography, Public Speaking, and Collective Difference, salon, presented as part of If I Can’t Dance’s VI, Event and Duration finale, Plantage Dok, Amsterdam, 11 December 2016. Photography: Florian Braakman.
    2. In the frame of the event Mai 68 – Assemblée Générale at the Centre Pompidou, Alex Martinis Roe will present a new step of her project To Become Two. This will involve a screening of the project’s six films on May 2 at 8 pm in the Pompidou’s Petite Salle, and a salon and public workshop on May 3 at 6pm in the Pompidou’s Forum.

      To Become Two (2014 – ongoing) is a project of multiple dimensions: it is an exhibition of six film installations, a series of workshops and public programmes developed in response to each context of presentation as well as an artist book. To Become Two traces the genealogy of “feminist new materialist” and “sexual difference” theory through long-term research and engagement with different feminist communities, and their political practices internationally. The project does this to explore the currency of these historical practices, and engages a younger generation of feminists in practical and performative experimentation with these as the means to do so. Martinis Roe’s aim is that through the project the virtual futures that emerge through the telling of these histories will become propositions for new collective practices, and that these will develop and retrieve modes of intergenerational solidarity. Through this she hopes to form trans-generational connections capable of forging continuities between “second-wave feminism” and contemporary feminist activism in academia and the arts.

      For the presentation in Paris, the artist will gather a group of ten participants —who are all interested in finding ways to work collectively on feminist politics— living and working in Paris and its outskirts to reflect on the focus they each have on feminism today and to engage with their relationship to the feminisms of the 1970s. Over the course of several conversations in March and April, each of the participants will discuss with Alex Martinis Roe practical, embodied research into the various practices of feminism. The project will be presented in two parts: a screening of the films made by Martinis Roe about important places for historical feminism in various cities of the world (Milan, Sydney, Barcelona, Utrecht, Paris) as well as a Salon, presenting in public the outcomes of the discussions that were engaged earlier between the artist and the ten participants.

      Mai 68 – Assemblée Générale is an event organized for the 50th birthday of May 68. It aims to propose a reevaluation of the events that happened during this period and an appraisal of its development in the 21st Century, amongst them issues such as feminism. The event runs from 28 April to 20 May 2018, with further details available here.

      To Become Two is co-commissioned by ar/ge kunst, Bolzano; Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, Utrecht; If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam and The Showroom, London. The accompanying workshops and performances are co-commissioned by the Keir Foundation. The project was produced with the support of the Graduiertenschule der Universität der Künste Berlin and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, and its arts funding and advisory body.            
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution