8 May 2013

      Amsterdam - Appropriation and Dedication #3

      Peter Stallybrass
      If I Can't Dance Offices, Amsterdam
    2. As a follow-up to last month's session and to the 1844 manuscript especially, we would like to linger a little while longer with Marx and take up a suggestion that was brought forth in the São Paulo reading group last week. 

      Peter Stallybrass's ‘Marx's Coat’ (1998) addresses the category of aura and memory around the object (the locus that may form the push and pull of 'dedication') as well as the operations of comodiitization, fetishisation and alienation, all subject to the processes of capitalist appropriation of surplus value. The feminist moments towards the latter part of the essay are, of course, of great interest to us as well. 

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution