1. reading group
      18 December 2013

      Amsterdam - Appropriation and Dedication #8

      Fred Moten, Claire Bishop
      If I Can't Dance Offices, Amsterdam
    2. For the next session we will pick up on ideas raised in the discussion of the last session on Adrian Piper and Emma Hedditch's writings. The first reading is by Fred Moten who works at the intersection of performance, poetry and critical theory in the field of black studies. Notably he has also written on Adrian Piper's work. The text we will be reading, 'Sound in Florescence (Cecil Taylor Floating Garden)' (1997), is from In the Break: The Aesthetics of the Black Radical Tradition. It considers improvisation and aurality in his discussion of the work of free jazz pianist and poet Cecil Taylor, with Moten working between poetic and critical modes of writing to better abide by Taylor's work.

      The second text is Chapter 9 ‘Pedagogic Projects: How do you bring a classroom to life as if it were a work of art?’ from Claire Bishop’s book Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of Spectatorship (2012). This text considers some contemporary art projects that have appropriated pedagogic forms, and follows on from discussions about the status of the art object, agency and cultural diversity, raised by Piper’s Funk Lessons.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution