28 – 29 April 2017

      Curating Performance

      Susan Gibb
      Grand Union, Birmingham
    2. Closed workshop

      On Friday 28 April, If I Can’t Dance curator Susan Gibb will lead a workshop focused on “Cuarting Performance” as part of Grand Union’s Curatorial Curriculum—an alternative education programme for emerging curators, consisting of intensive workshops led by internationally renowned practitioners. 

      The workshop will introduce the participants to the history and working methodologies of If I Can’t Dance, and use past projects as case studies in order to think through the practical and theoretical implications of curating performance. Topics covered will include thinking through space, time, bodies and documentation in relation to producing and presenting performance, alongside notions of the ‘performative’. The interdisciplinary nature of performance will also be introduced to extend the thinking from visual arts, to theatre, dance, live art, film and music.

      On Saturday 29 April, meetings with Birmingham based curators working within the field of performance, including the independent curator Vanessa Boni, and the director of Fierce Festival, Aaron Wright, will compliment the previous day’s session.

      Further details about the Curatorial Curriculum and Grand Union can be found here.

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