9 March 2016, 8pm

      Dancing Group – Event and Duration

      Michele Rizzo
      Veem House for Performance, Amsterdam

    2. If I Can’t Dance’s monthly Dancing Group will convene for its second session at 8pm on Wednesday 9 March at Veem House for Performance. The Dancing Group is led by the Amsterdam based choreographer Michele Rizzo, who is extending his research into and experience of club dancing, by devising a new choreography that the group is invited to learn and interpret.

      The Dancing Group is designed for people from inside and outside the field of contemporary art who are interested in dancing together in a studio setting. Prior dance experience is not required. Places are limited and interested participants should register by sending an email to bookings@ificantdance.org

      The following three sessions before the summer break will occur at the same time on 13 April, 11 May and 8 June.

      The Dancing Group has been inaugurated to celebrate the tenth year of If I Can’t Dance. Through the Dancing Group, If I Can’t Dance pays homage to Emma Goldman’s famous quote, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution” from which it takes its name and continues to draw inspiration to explore the critical and celebratory dimensions in contemporary performance, curatorial and theoretical practices. The Dancing Group also forms a pendant to If I Can’t Dance’s long running monthly Reading Group, through an investment in the knowledge inherent in the body and its social movement.

      About Michele Rizzo

      Michele Rizzo is active in performance, dance, music and visual arts, and graduated from the Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam in 2015, and the School of New Dance Development (SNDO), Amsterdam in 2011.

      His choreographic work often revolves around ontological thought on the definition of the self, and its inscription in the cultural-sociological context; concepts of origin and flow, and their implication within the development of creative practices; and the use of artistic processes as models for self-actualization. In the past few years he has been working with various artists, such us Julian Hetzel, Gertjan Franciscus, Vincent Riebeek, Igor Dobricic, and the musicians LVM and Lorenzo Senni.

      Throughout 2014 and 2015, his research has been focused on the phenomenon of club dancing, which he has developed into performances, installations and workshops. Among others, one of the inspirations for this project is philosopher Julia Kristeva, who once said, that as what it means “to be human embraced political, sexual, religious, familiar identity, we are undergoing a time of major identity crises. We need to find a language that transcends the human in order to overcome such crises and awake a new Renaissance. This language can be dance”. Through this research into club dancing, Michele Rizzo explores the power of dance as a choreographic potential (technical and political, with various techniques, styles and influences like Gabber and Hard Style), and as a social form of catharsis and celebration.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution