1. performance
      14 February

      Inner Stage poster and performance

      Snejanka Mihaylova and Gertjan Franciscus
      Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam
    2. Coming Friday at 6pm, If I Can’t Dance and Ellen de Bruijne Projects are delighted to present a performance by Gertjan Franciscus on the occasion of Snejanka Mihaylova’s Inner Stage poster display at the gallery located on Rozengracht 207A in Amsterdam. His performance will be preceded by an introduction by Mihaylova.

      Please note: audience capacity is limited to 50 people on a first-come first-served basis.
      1. Performance Gertjan Franciscus. Photography: Alwin Poiana
    3. Gertjan Franciscus is the author of numerous performances in which he gives life to prophetic figures who are half divine and half animal, and inhabit the space of revelation traced from visionary texts conceived by him. The invitation to Gertjan Franciscus is linked to Mihaylova’s reflections on the potential economy of performance and the question of rethinking the boundaries of the religious.

      Snejanka Mihaylova’s Inner Stage poster, created with Philip Baber and Jeff Weber, was launched two weeks ago at If I Can’t Dance’s Emma’s and is on display and for sale for EUR 30,- at gallery Ellen de Bruijne Projects from 28 January – 22 February as part of their Performance Exhibition programme. It can also be ordered through If I Can’t Dance’s website.
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