12 – 15 November 2015

      How We Behave

      Grant Watson
      State of Concept, Athens
    2. We are pleased to announce that How We Behave, a project by Grant Watson commissioned by If I Can’t Dance, will move into a second phase of interviews, which will take place in locations including Athens, London, Delhi and Mumbai. In November, Grant Watson will travel to Athens with If I Can’t Dance director, Frédérique Bergholtz, to conduct interviews with people from our professional and extended friendship networks. These interviews will form the starting point for a new collection of videos that will be presented in a group exhibition curated by Nick Aikens at State of Concept in February 2016.

      How We Behave is inspired by an interview of that name with Michel Foucault in which he asked – why can’t life be ‘the material for a work of art?’ Since the projects commencement in 2012 (more than fifty interviews have been conducted in New York, São Paulo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Amsterdam) the project explores how people shape their lives. The interviews focus on people’s behaviour – how they work on themselves, how they reflect on their lives and on their relationships to others. 

      How We Behave is a project by Grant Watson, originally commissioned by If I Can't Dance as part of Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013–2014) and funded by the Mondriaan Fund and the Arts Council of England, the latter in partnership with Nottingham Contemporary and The Showroom London. The second phase of the project is co-commissioned by The Showroom and If I Can’t Dance.
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