1. workshop
      7 – 8 April 2014

      Appropriation and Dedication 6

      Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
      Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem
    2. In April the DAI students reconnect with tutor Matthew Lutz-Kinoy for a session in Arnhem that begins with a discussion on what has taken place in the workshops with If I Can't Dance's Commissioned Artists in the past months, and a review of the assignments and blog entries that the students have worked on since the start of the course.

      In this month's workshop we will develop a short written 'pub-script' that is to be performed live later in the evening at a local pub. We will also be making a site visit to the Theater aan de Rijn for a brief tour.

      The students will read a text by Claire Bishop from her 2012 book Artificial Hells, specifically the chapter 'Social Sadism Made Explicit'. Through a discussion of the text we will move towards the ideas for the forthcoming DAI trip to the New Theater in Berlin which will be the site for a weeklong working period in May.

      If I Can't Dance's Vivian Ziherl and Susan Gibb will be present this month alongside Matthew and also participate in face to face meetings.

      If I Can't Dance's course at DAI this year is constructed around sessions with recurring tutor Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and sessions with our Commissioned Artists Gerry Bibby, Sara van der Heide, Snejanka Mihaylova and Emily Roysdon. At the end of the year, a collective performative work, developed with Matthew, will be presented publically.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution