11 December 2016

      Our Future Network: Historiography, Public Speaking and Collective Difference

      Plantage Dok, Amsterdam
    2. This daylong salon will explore different strategies for engaging with and constructing feminist histories, in dialogue with contemporary needs, desires and practices. The artist Alex Martinis Roe, will host a group of invited guests that stage proposals and responses to ideas and methodologies presented in her feature length film Our Future Network (2016). To make the film, Martinis Roe engaged a younger generation of feminists—who she met during her research into international historical feminist practices—to participate in practical and performative experimentation with historical political practices. From this, eighteen propositions for new feminist collective practices were developed out of a dialogue between these practices and each contributor’s existing methodologies and concerns.

      The day will comprise presentations and responses from Deborah Withers and Ana Teixeira Pinto; a screening of Our Future Network; and live contributions from participants in the film, including the choreographer Cécile Bally, and the literature and gender studies scholar Vasso Belia, who with fellow members of the Gender Studies community at Utrecht University, will enact some of the propositions for new feminist collective practices.

      The salon will be followed by a dinner at 6.30pm by vegan chef Mari Pitkänen.

      Our Future Network: Historiography, Public Speaking and Collective Difference is curated for the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) as Roaming Assembly #9.

      It is part of To Become Two, co-presented with Casco – Office for Art, Design and Theory, with the support of the Keir Foundation.
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