23 March 2016

      Amsterdam – Event and Duration #1

      Elizabeth Grosz and Alison Knowles
      If I Can't Dance Offices, Amsterdam
    2. On Wednesday 23 March, we recommence the semi-public sessions of our ongoing Reading Group, which is currently focused on the research field of Edition VI – Event and Duration (2015–2016).

      In our first meeting, we will further introduce our interest in ‘Event and Duration,’ as well as our plans for the Reading Group in the coming months. In this meeting, we will read a text by Elizabeth Grosz titled ‘The Time of Thought’ from her book Time Travels: Feminism, Nature, Power (2005). Grosz is Professor of Women's Studies and Literature at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina in the United States of America. The reading of Grosz is much informed by our collaboration with the artist Alex Martinis Roe on her current commission, and its consideration of the entanglement of theory and practice, and feminist genealogies.

      Alongside this text, we will also read and enact a number of ‘Event Scores’ written and performed from 1961 to 1965, by the American Fluxus artist, Alison Knowles, and compiled in The Great Bear Pamphlet (1965).

      If you would like to join the Amsterdam Reading Group please email a brief statement of your motivation to join to bookings@ificantdance.org.

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