18 May 2016

      Amsterdam – Event and Duration #3

      Henri Lefebvre, Emily Roysdon, and Gertrude Stein
      If I Can’t Dance Offices, Amsterdam
    2. On Wednesday 18 May, we will continue the semi-public sessions of our ongoing Reading Group, which is currently focused on the field of research of Edition VI – Event and Duration (2015–2016).

      For this third meeting, we will read an essay by the Marxist philosopher and sociologist, Henri Lefebrve, entitled ‘The Rhythmanalyst: A Provisionary Portrait’, which was posthumously published in a collection of essays, Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life (1992). The reading of Lefebvre’s text follows on from our last reading group, and the discussion that arose around being attuned to different rhythms and ways of sensing.

      Alongside this, we will also read the text Uncounted* (2012-2014), by the artist Emily Roysdon, which comprises questions and phrases that she accumulated and sometimes presented over a two-year period— including as part of her concluding presentation with If I Can’t Dance for Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013-2014)— and in which she enquires, “What is time if not activism?” and “How can we build a structure to be alive inside?”

      We will also read aloud some extracts from ‘Composition as Explanation’ (1926) by the writer Gertrude Stein, which Roysdon references in her text, and which Stein first delivered as a lecture at Cambridge and Oxford, then published with the Hogarth Press in London.

      If you would like to join the Amsterdam Reading Group please email a brief statement of your motivation to join to bookings@ificantdance.org.

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