27 April 2016

      São Paulo – Event and Duration #1

      Bojana Kunst
      ateliê coletivo, São Paulo
    2. On Wednesday 27 April, the Sister Reading Group in São Paulo will recommence the semi-public sessions of their ongoing Reading Group, which is currently focused on If I Can’t Dance’s research field of Edition VI – Event and Duration (2015–2016). For this Edition, the São Paulo Reading Group is lead collectively by Andrea Lanzoni, Paula Ordonhes, and Monica Rizzolli, and will take place at their collective studio—ateliê coletivo—located in downtown São Paulo at Rua Major Sertório, 234, República. 

      In the first meeting they will read a text by philosopher, dance and theatre theoretician Bojana Kunst titled ‘Prognosis on Collaboration’, first published in the book Prognoses über Bewegungen, edited by Gabriele Branstetter, Kai van Eikels, and Sybille Peters (2009).

      Through the reading of Kunst’s essay, the group will consider the relations between our contemporary experience of time and collaboration, investigating how these terms are often interwoven in a complex rhythm that leads to a specific timeframe obsessed with deadlines. They will consider how to create a potential process of collaboration free from the arrest of tight schedules, speed, a certain hypocrisy of difference and an illusion of eternity which lead to constant actualizations, captivating us in an eternal present.

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