25 September 2016, 3pm

      São Paulo – Event and Duration #6

      Praça Roosevelt, São Paulo
    2. On Sunday 25 September, the Sister Reading Group in São Paulo will continue with the sixth session of their ongoing Reading Group, which is currently focused on If I Can’t Dance’s research field of Edition VI – Event and Duration (2015–2016). The São Paulo Reading Group is organized by Andrea Lanzoni, Paula Ordonhes and Monica Rizzolli and for this session it will take place in Praça Roosevelt. 

      Located in downtown São Paulo, Praça Roosevelt is a place where uncountable protests, public encounters and also police-enforced violent actions have taken place since 2013. 

      During this session, the group will be reading The Invisible Committee's To Our Friends, originally published in 2014 and edited in Brazilian Portuguese in 2016 by n-1 Editions, translated by Edições Antipáticas. The plan is to look into Chapter 1, “Merry Crisis and Happy New Fear”, and Chapter 2, “They Want to Oblige Us to Govern. We Won't Yield to that Pressure”.

      The Invisible Committee is a collective and anonymous pen name. Below follows an excerpt from the introduction to To Our Friends:

      “The insurrections have come, finally. At such a pace and in so many countries, since 2008, that the whole structure of this world seems to be disintegrating, piece by piece. Ten years ago, predicting an uprising would have exposed you to the snickers of the seated ones; now it’s those who announce a return to order who make themselves look foolish. Nothing more solid, more self-assured, we were told, than the Tunisia of Ben Ali, the busy Turkey of Erdogan, social-democratic Sweden, Ba’athist Syria, Quebec on tranquilizers, or the Brazil of beaches, the Bolsa Família, and peace-keeping police units. We’ve seen what followed. Stability is finished.”

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution