27 February 2013

      São Paulo - Appropriation and Dedication #1

      Isabelle Graw & David Harvey
      Teatro Oficina, São Paulo
    2. This first session will start by offering a general introduction about If I Can’t Dance’s local (NL) and itinerant activities to the participants of the São Paulo Sister Reading Group. Second, we will look at the history of neoliberalism through the reading of David Harvey’s ‘Freedom’s just another word’, which will function as the socio-political framework for the reading of Isabelle Graw’s ‘Dedication Replacing Appropriation: Fascination, Subversion, and Dispossession in Appropriation Art’. These readings mark the outset for the delineations of the theme to be probed for the two-year collective reading project, namely, how artists have dealt with issues of appropriation in their practice at times where all material things started to escape from grips in the aftermath of speculative turbo capitalism.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution