1. reading group
      27 June 2013

      São Paulo - Appropriation and Dedication #4

      Haroldo de Campos & Fabio Morais
      Centro Cultural São Paulo, São Paulo - CCSP
    2. For the upcoming session of the São Paulo Reading Group, we have invited artist Fabio Morais to talk with the group about appropriation in his practice. Fabio works with written texts and literature in his visual artistic practice (http://fabio-morais.blogspot.com.br/). In my view, his work relates strongly to appropriation when one realizes that the artist himself gets erased in the process, much like the work of a translator of aesthetic texts or, in Haroldo de Campos’ words, the transcreator; or yet, the transluciferator - bringing the figure of Lúcifer into the “angelical task” of the Benjaminian translation, frees the translator to be bound to the dichotomy original x translated version, enabling the original to become, even if for a second, the translation of its own translated version, and, as such, breaking with the Christian-capitalist cosmogony. The artist’s work will be debated in the light of Haroldo de Campos’ 'Tranluciferação Mefistofáustica', in Deus e o Diabo no Fausto de Goethe (SP, Perspectiva, 1983).

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution