1. reading group
      10 October 2013

      São Paulo - Appropriation and Dedication #6

      Mario de Andrade
      Teatro Oficina – São Paulo
    2. For the fifth reading meeting we will be back at Teatro Oficina as part of their 'Occupation Program' together with the São Paulo Architecture Biennial (the terrain that surrounds that Lina Bo Bardi’s original building is undergoing a severe dispute from the hard core retail market that’s disfiguring the city. A number of people, including cultural workers, historians, urban planners, politicians…, are engaged in having this surrounding area legally attached to the Theatre as cultural patrimony).

      We will read Mario de Andrade’s Macunaíma: o heroi sem nenhum caráter for the next two meetings. In the light of the readings conducted in the first semester, it seemed inevitable for the group to revisit one of the most important and radical texts of Brazilian literature first published in 1928 as part of the Modernist Avant Garde Movement. We see elements of the Marx, Graw and Viveiros de Castro in this literary piece and will get material for the next readings from it. Answering the completely astonished and often irritated critics at the time, Mario de Andrade said that he “copied full sentences from previous novels” and that Macunaíma is not a novel, or a rhapsody, or an odyssey, or a drama: the genre of Macunaíma is a 'book'.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution