1. reading group
      17 October 2013

      Toronto - Appropriation and Dedication #5

      Teresa de Lauretis & Corinn Gerber
      Art Metropole, Toronto
    2. The fifth session of the Toronto Reading Group will be led by Corinn Gerber, director of Art Metropole, and will focus upon the writing of the Milan Women's Bookstore collective and their practice that did not call for equal rights, but instead enabled a collectivity of difference. Gerber will take the Milan Women's Bookstore collective material as a framework to think about the theoretical and concrete ways of negotiating the 'battlefields of subjectivities' and the importance of these texts to our contemporary context.

      For this session the Teresa de Lauretis' text 'The Practice of Sexual Difference and Feminist Thought in Italy' serves as a valuable introduction to the socio-political context of the Milan Women's Bookstore collective. We will also read a dialogue for multiple voices compiled and written by Corinn Gerber that draws upon her own ongoing research into the Milan Women’s Bookstore, featuring the voices of Inge Feltrinelli, Barbara Villiger, Carla Lonzi, Lea Melandri, Fulvia Carnevale, and Sylvère Lotringer amongst others.
      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution