1. reading group
      12 December 2013

      Toronto - Appropriation and Dedication #6

      Sergio González Rodríguez & Gauri Gill
      Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto
    2. The sixth session of the Toronto Reading Group will be led by cheyanne turions (facilitator of No Reading After the Internet), Gabby Moser (facilitator of No Looking After the Internet) and Jacob Korczynski. No Reading After the Internet is a salon series dealing with cultural texts, which are read aloud by participants. The particular urgency of the project is in reforming publics and experimenting with the act of reading, as its own media form, in our moment. No Looking After the Internet is a monthly 'looking group' that invites participants to look at a photograph (or series of photographs) they are unfamiliar with, and 'read' the image out-loud together.

      For this session the Toronto Reading Group comes together in collaboration with No Reading After the Internet and No Looking After the Internet to approach images as assembled through language, with prose used to conjure scenes in the minds of readers that are already mediated as representations, rather than reality. The tension between text forming images and images forming texts returns to the question of what it means politically to both give and take voice from a subject - a question that returns us to the material surrounding the practices of the Milan Women's Bookstore from our previous session in October.

      We will begin with 'Instructions for Taking Textual Photographs', the epilogue of Sergio González Rodríguez's book The Femicide Machine which is anchored upon twenty unseen images that document the abduction and murder of one of the thousands of missing women in Ciudad Juárez. We will also read excerpts from Gauri Gill's 1984. The bookwork features photographs by Gill from 2005 and 2009 documenting the ongoing impact of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, with two captions accompanying each image - their original cutline, as well as a text responding to the picture written by artists at the invitation of Gill.

      Gauri Gill's 1984 is available for free download here: http://www.gaurigill.com/books.html

      Also see: http://noreadingaftertheinternet.wordpress.com/2013/12/12/not-reading-nor-looking-after-the-internet...

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      I Don't Want to Be Part of
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