25 May 2017, 3.45pm and 5.30pm

      On Praxis, An Unstated Theory (Writing Out Loud)

      Jon Mikel Euba and Susan Gibb, with students of the Dutch Art Institute
      Van Abbemuseum and Designhuis, Eindhoven
    2. Free Admission

      As part of the Van Abbemuseum’s programme Becoming More, and in partnership with the Dutch Art Institute, on 25 May a presentation by the students of If I Can’t Dance’s course On Praxis, An Unstated Theory (Writing Out Loud), and a book launch of the recent publication by core-tutor Jon Mikel Euba, will occur.

      Taking place within the neighbouring Designhuis, at 3.45pm Jon Mikel Euba will introduce his book Writing Out Loud. This book contains transcriptions of eight lectures by the artist that were live translated from Spanish to English for the course Action Unites, Words Divide (On Praxis, An Unstated Theory), and that were presented across the DAI’s academic year 2014 – 2015 at the invitation of If I Can’t Dance.

      Later in the programme at 5.30pm, the students of On Praxis, An Unstated Theory (Writing Out Loud) will make a presentation comprising elements of an ongoing translation exercise that they have been undertaking across the current yearlong course. This has seen them progressively translate the first chapter of Writing Out Loud into different media including drawings, notated scores, videos and sound. The participating students are: Florencia Almirón, Astarti Athanasiadou, Giulia Crispiani, Valentina Curandi, Maike Hemmers, larose, Avan Omar Muhammad, Sergi Selvas, Despina Sevasti, Joy M. Smith, Nika Timashkova, Zhenia Vasiliev, Flora Woudstra, and Helen Zeru.

      These presentations are part of a day of activity organised by the Dutch Art Institute. Full details of the programme are available here.

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