1. presentation
      23 August 2008

      Prologue Edition III: Keren Cytter

      Overgaden, Copenhagen
    2. For the Prologue to Edition III – Masquerade at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Arts in Copenhagen, Keren Cytter screens a diverse selection of her films accompanied by a lecture performance.

    3. Keren Cytter’s films unite different genres such as cinema, soap, homevideo and reality-tv. Everyday day life merges with absurdity, fiction merges with reality within dense stories usually situated in private spaces. Cytter portrays the relationships between people and thus shows the rift between the personality of her characters (often friends and acquaintances) and the part they have to play. Key to her movies is the friction between the personal environment and the world one lives in, a topic that also forms the basis for a new series of performances, which will find their way into several episodes of Cytter’s new film called History in the Making.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution