1. exhibition
      11 June 2009

      An Artwork in the Third Person (installation)

      Project Arts Centre, Dublin
    2. At Project Arts Centre in Dublin, Sarah Pierce presented an installation and performance entitled An Artwork in the Third Person. The performance included contributions by Tzvika Gutter, Rana Hamadeh, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio and Veridiana Zurita. Are There Any Questions? (2009) was also performed as part of Episode 3 – Masquerade at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre.

      The 1961 film Chronique d’un été by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin was screened and followed by a discussion between Sarah Pierce and Caroline Hancock.

    3. The primary focus of Sarah Pierce’s commission for If I Can’t Dance has included a notion of ‘being student’ which Pierce develops “as a state of immediacy – the quality of being in direct and instant involvement with something that gives rise to a sense of urgency or excitement.” The installation in Project’s Cube presents nine interviews with art students from the Dutch Art Institute in Enschede, all dealing with a historical relationship between performance and ‘presentness’.

      Set against a backdrop of letters, posters and scripts from Project’s archives, circa 1970-80, Pierce’s processes of interrogation forge a relationship between visibility and disappearance – elements that coalesce in the masquerade – and highlight the potential for dissent and self-determination within institutional organisation.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution