1. symposium
      18 November 2006

      Global Feminisms

      De Balie, Amsterdam
    2. Following If I Can’t Dance’s first symposium held in Utrecht in March, De Balie will host the symposium Global Feminisms (organised in collaboration with Huis & Festival a/d Werf). In this symposium the notion of ‘legacies’ will be further articulated and expanded upon. Departing from our general perspective, the growing consciousness of a ‘global feminism’ calls for a necessary nuancing within, and a questioning of, the thinking in terms of generations or ‘waves’ in the European context.

    3. The symposium Global Feminisms includes contributions by keynote speakers Helena Reckitt and Iris van der Tuin; Studies & Stories by Daria Martin and Aneta Szylak; and performances by Karl Holmqvist, and Sue Tompkins.

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