1. book launch
      10 January 2015, 3–5pm

      I See/La Camera: I

      Jacob Korczynski
      Art Metropole, Toronto
      1. Jacob Korczynski, I See/La Camera: I, published by If I Can't Dance, designed by Will Holder, 2014.
    2. On Saturday 10 January from 3–5pm the publication I See/La Camera: I will be presented at Art Metropole in Toronto, with an introduction by its author and editor, Jacob Korczynski. I See/La Camera: I was published by If I Can't Dance and first launched in November 2014 during the Performance Days in Amsterdam.

      I See/La Camera: I is the outcome of an extensive research project into Babette Mangolte's film The Camera: Je, La Camera: I (1977), and Lucy Lippard's novel I See/You Mean (1979). It investigates the relationship between the subjective role of the camera in Mangolte’s film and the simultaneous exploration of text and image in Lippard’s novel, situating both works in the context of feminist strategies of self-portraiture. The publication, designed by Will Holder, contains a research essay by Korczynski around which various other materials are situated. These include a visual essay by Babette Mangolte composed for this publication, and a collaborative text/drawing by Lucy Lippard and Sol LeWitt produced during the development of her novel.

      The publication costs €15,00,– and can be purchased during the launch. It is also available to order through shop@ificantdance.org
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