1. performance
      14 May 2008 – 16 February 2010

      If I Can't Dance Tonight

      Various artists
      Frascati Theater, Frascati Theater Nes 63 1012 KD Amsterdam The Netherlands Frascati WG M.v.B. Bastiaansestraat 54 1054 SP Amsterdam The Netherlands Bookings: +31(0)206266866 "(classname)+info@theaterfrascati.nl+(contact Frascati Theater)":mailto:info@theaterfrascati.nl "(classname)+www.theaterfrascati.nl+(visit website Frascati Theater)":http://www.theaterfrascati.nl/
    2. If I Can’t Dance Tonight is a series of evening performances that take place at Frascati Theater in Amsterdam in the frame of Edition III focusing on the notion of the masquerade. Read more about each Tonight by clicking the links below.

    3. As a counterpoint to the edition’s long-term artists’ projects unfolding within an international geography, If I Can’t Dance presents If I Can’t Dance Tonight, a programme of performances with a monthly rhythm in collaboration with Frascati Theater in its hometown Amsterdam. The artists invited to participate in this programme are encouraged to reflect on, and to respond to, our interest in the notion of the masquerade. Their singular perspectives punctuate the edition’s ‘ongoing story’.

      If I Can’t Dance Tonight begins with a series of presentations by the six commissioned artists in Edition III – Masquerade, together with invited guests and contributors. Each of these meetings concludes with a dance tutorial.

      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution