1. Audio

      Audio recording of the after talk of 'A Movie Will Be Shown Without the Picture'

      Sven Lütticken
    2. Listen to a recording of the after talk of A Movie Will Be Shown Without the Picture at The Movies in Amsterdam, with Sven Lütticken, Andrea Fraser, Eric de Bruyn, accompanied by Louise Lawler in the role of ‘fact checker’.
    1. Sven Lütticken is commissioned by If I Can’t Dance to undertake one of four Performance in Residence research projects as part of Edition V – Appropriation and Dedication (2013–2014).

      Louise Lawler's A Movie Will Be Shown Without the Picture (1979/2012) is the case study that Lütticken is focusing on for his contribution to Performance in Residence. The work accentuates the operation of the film screening and the experience of moviegoing, and foregrounds the performative aspects of film and of the artist’s practice. Lütticken’s research will depart from this piece to look into other instances of Lawler’s early performative practice.

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