5 February 2014

      Gregg Bordowitz & Maggie Nelson

      Gregg Bordowitz
      Poetry Project, New York
    2. Live reading held at the Poetry Project, New York. 

      From Ariel Goldberg's introduction:

      Gregg Bordowitz writes “Everything is an illusion, even self-reflection.”

      Gregg Bordowitz writes “I want to be a poet of decay.”

      Gregg Bordowitz writes “Identity is a form of repetition.”

      To let a Bordowitz statement, stripped of its prose, ring in the air is similar to how the most pressing issues jut out from the state of the union address and get forced in to a loud pause, encased in clapping support, as an immediate revelation and affirmation. These statements that are the most pressing, venture out from the speech in singular import, teetering on that ledge of brevity that becomes a quotable statement, of which Bordowitz writes an uncanny plenty of. One might argue all writers can be quoted; that the quote is when the writer is gone and it is the reader, or the introducer, who does the quoting. But Bordowitz’s writing is crafted for quoting because of its intrinsic preoccupations with poetry. Bordowitz writes a poetry one arrives at after writing daily. Of always starting over. Of questioning the last question.

      Full introduction available here.

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    Taking Voice Lessons – Gregg Bordowitz


      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution