9 February 2014

      Materialist Geography and the Knight's Move

      Gregg Bordowitz
      Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
    2. A keynote lecture delivered by Gregg Bordowitz on the occasion of the exhibition 'Take It or Leave It: Institution, Image, Ideology' curated by Johanna Burton at the Hammer Museum. 

      “In the early nineteen eighties I was part of a young ambitious group of artists who were disgusted by the alignment of regressive politics in the White House with politics in the art world. All institutions within federal government to museums and galleries were perceived to be driven by national interests, imperialist expansion, profit motive, male supremacy, white supremacy, and heteronormativity. Rigorous analysis of the situation led to tactics of subterfuge and refusal. Still, we were not resigned.”
      —Gregg Bordowitz

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    1. Introduction
    2. Trajectory
    3. Texts
    4. Documentation
    Taking Voice Lessons – Gregg Bordowitz


      If I Can't Dance,
      I Don't Want to Be Part of
      Your Revolution